Lab News

8 January 2018: Mahshid lab welcomes new graduate students Mahsa Jalali and Tamer Abdel Salam. Wish them luck!  

14 December 2017: Mahshid lab is ready to welcome first group of graduate students in January 2018.

13, 15 November 2017: Prof. Mahshid is giving a lecture on High throughput nano/microdevices in the "Introduction to Bioengineering" (BIEN 200).

8 November 2017: Prof. Mahshid is giving a lecture on Nanomaterials based biosensing in the "Selected Topics in Biomedical Engineering" (BME 501).

5 August 2017: Two positions are available for highly motivated Ph.D. and M.Sc. students starting January 2018.

For more information about the research projects please contact Prof. Mahshid at

July 2017: Mahshid Lab officially starts at McGill in August 2017